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St Magdalene of Canossa

We are called to contemplate, experience and share the unconditional love of the Father for every person; love that expressed to the full in the "most moving, most generous and most patient spirit" of the Son who gave His life freely for all.

We share in the saving mission of Jesus seeking to take on the same traits of charity, gentlenes, humility, meekness, zeal and fortitute; we follow the example of Mary, Mother of Charity at the foot of the cross.

We live community life where, each day, we learn to recognise the presence of the Lord. Like real Sisters, we share what we are and have, trying to discern and carry out God's project while learning to give and receive love and growing in freedom.

We are present in all the continents, working in the fieldsof education, evangelisation, pastoral care of the sick, formation of lay people in the apostolate, promoting the Spiritual Exercises, where we are committed to live Magdalene's greatest desire: "above all make Jesus known", giving preference to the poorest.

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