Message from our new Provincial


Welcome and greetings to each one who log into our Canossian website.


It is six months since Sr Geraldine Tan, Sr Louisa Lim and I began our journey together on the leadership team of our Singapore Myanmar Province and it has been an enriching experience! 


We are grateful for the warmth and support of all our Sisters and our larger Canossian family. 


Our theme for this year is  HOPE RENEWED. It is based on the words of St Magdalene “Whoever hopes more will obtain more”. 


We hope you will connect with us in person or online, as we look forward to sharing with you the wealth and wisdom we have discovered in the many letters of St Magdalene of Canossa. 


If you are interested to getting to know more about  Magdalene’s vocational journey you may like to try 


Let us continue to 


H hang 

O onto 


E energy 


"We can be at peace because we know that all pain today cannot be compared to the joy that is to come." ( Romans 8:18)


 Provincial --- Sr Christina Yeo


Vice Provincial --- Sr Gerry Tan


Councillor --- Sr Louisa