Feast of ​Our Lady of Sorrows

15 September 2020    


Dear friends,


Greetings as we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, Mother of Love at the foot of the Cross! Time and again, we have been asked why Canossians celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, a rather “unattractive title” when we are all in fact wired to seek “happiness” and “joy”. But the fact is that we have no lasting city (Hebrews 12:13) and we are destined for Eternal Joy!


It is not about a pious or sorrowful devotionalism, but rather an authentic devotion based on theological virtues. 

In the Preface to her original Rules of the Congregation, St Magdalene made it very explicit Mary’s place in the Church when she wrote, “It is Our Lady of Sorrows who was constituted Mother of Charity under the Cross when, at the words of her dying Divine Son, she gathered all of us, sinners though we are, to her heart. I beg all of you to regard her always as your one and only Mother, as a duty of justice, truth, gratitude and humble devout devotion.”


St Magdalene invites us to look deeper, to recognise in Mary, the faithful Mother who stood by her Son Jesus right till the end, on Mount Calvary (the Mountain of Lovers, as St Magdalene calls it, in a letter to Sr Domenica Facciolli on 18 February, 1827)) 


In the wake of the global pandemic, Pope Francis reminds us, “We can either get depressed and alienated or we can get creative ….It’s a time for inventing … opening new horizons, new windows, … an opening towards God and people” ………with masks and social distancing and zooming …we are invited to share our faith and hope and love in spirit and in truth.


Let us spend some quiet time at the foot of the Cross on the Mountain of Lovers, Jesus, Mary and John and listen to their wisdom in this time of uncertainty.


Your affectionately 

Sr Christina Yeo