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Thank you, Sisters, for the gift of your lives!

Congratulations to Sr Enrica Perego and Sr Janet Wang, who celebrated 70 and 60 years of religious life respectively!



Sr Enrica and Sr Janet are both from Canossa Convent here at The Canossian Village. Sr Enrica was the former principal of Magdalene's Kindergarten (now known as Canossaville Preschool) in the 1970s, while Sr Janet is currently the chaplain for all the Canossian Schools in Singapore.


Thank you Sisters for the gift of your lives in service to God and His people, and your unfailing love and care for our children!

Congratulations also to Sr Lily Tan, Sr Bridget Foo, Sr Calista Ponnudorai, and Sr Marie De Roza who also celebrated their 60 years of religious life!



Sep 2022