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Want to join a Book Club to read in-depth and reflect on the story of St Magdalene of Canossa, our Foundress and Inspiration - A Woman for Today’s Seasons? Reading materials would be sent to you. 

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Write to join if interested. Email: csbakhita@yahoo.com

The project -Virtual Tour of Archives and Museum/Exhibits is aimed at promoting interest in the story of the beginnings and spread of the Canossian Mission. It is a way of sharing the Canossian charism and saying: "We are family" and "This is how we were born!"​

Virtual Tour of Archives and Museum/Exhibits


is aimed at promoting interest in the story of the beginnings and spread of the Canossian Mission.


To view in YouTube, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlvKW2_EFK4

80 years of God's love without measure

Our Lady of Perpetual Help visits Canossa Village

Canossaville 80th Anniversary Commemorative Video

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Interested to join a Book Club?


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Enquiries for Myanmar donations are to be sent to Sr Janet Wang

Our Catholic Light (by PixelMusica) is a film that tells the story of how missionaries such as the Paris Foreign Missions brought the Light of Christ to Singapore, to serve the needs to the people through the Catholic Church.​​

Updates: Canossaville Children and Community Services

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Updates: Canossa Catholic Primary School

Our History and LegacyOur rich history and legacy began in 1941, when the Canossian Sisters set up a Convent, a Chinese-medium school and an orphanage for girls and boys. From the day our Canossian Sisters set foot in Singapore, they worked tirelessly to love, care and provide education for our children. Thanking God for His Abundant Blessings over the last 80 YearsCelebrating our 80th Anniversary this year, Canossa Catholic Primary marks this joyous occasion with PRAISE and thanksgiving to the Lord for His marvellous works through the years. ​Click here to read the full article.

First Profession

Sisters Magdalena and Anita make their FIRST PROFESSION in Myanmar on 2 October 2021. 

Enrolment of New Canossian Educators

11 Sep 2021On this day we witnessed the enrolment of 5 new Canossian Educators. From left to right - Audrey, Priscilla, Esther, Sharon and Alice. It is the first time in almost 5 years that we have three of our former Canossian students. The majority were educated with the IJs and are now Canossians. Not all are teaching/working in our Canossian schools. We thank the Lord for continuing to inspire the educators to reach out through the formation of the heart and to make Him known and loved.